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We are brokers so we can quote many companies for the best deal versus a captive like State Farm or Farmers who quote you with only the product they offer in house

What is important to consumers?
                                                 1. Cost.
                                                 2. Ease.
                                                 3. Speed.
                                                 4. Peace of mind that everything is covered.
                                                 5. O’Boyle Client Appreciation Program.

1. COST:  Contrary to popular consumer belief a broker’s pricing is actually better than direct insurance pricing.
The reason for this seems to be principally due to insurers providing different rates to brokers, in order that premiums are lower. Why would insurers provide special broker pricing? Simple: because the risk is lower for the insurer. Brokers are professionally trained.

2. EASE:  Most folks believe buying policies directly would be the easiest option for them. After trying, almost all will change their mind.
A Broker will answer queries by personal email or a call and help to reassure customers with a human service by stopping by your home or business.

3 SPEED:  In the case of the time taken to generate initial quotation figures, direct services (online) were consistently very quick but non-personal, where as a broker answered quote requests by personal follow up.

4. PEACE OF MIND THAT EVERYTHING IS COVERED:  Brokers are largely far more efficient at cross checking policies than consumers, and also very good at educating their customers, explaining what types of cover were available and answering queries.

5. O’BOYLE CLIENT APPRECIATION PROGRAM:  We at O’Boyle personally ensure all of our customers are remembered, taken care of throughout the year for any issues when it comes to Insurance.  We don’t spend any money on ENERGY, and TIME for advertising!  We enjoy taking great care of our customers, so that in return they may possibly refer us to their friends or coworkers.
Finding the right level of insurance cover can be a time-consuming and expensive task. If you’re keen to find a better deal, or you’re unsure of the level of coverage required, an insurance broker could be right for you which would free up your time to do what you enjoy!

Insurance Brokers have the ability to offer you an entire host of insurance products for you to choose from. An agent does business with one company, so they are only able to offer you what their company has available.

An insurance broker is licensed to provide advice. Insurance companies (and their agents) can only provide general advice on the specific product(s) in which they offer.

A broker has to have extensive training (minimum industry requirements apply) and experience to be able to provide advice and broking services, so you can have that peace of mind that they really know what they’re talking about in terms of the insurance policy that will adequately cover you.

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